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Sun, Jul. 10th
My latest design project

After a few years together some people start to look like their spouse. Others, their pets. I have started to resemble my cover designs. Currently barefoot (when at all possible) and pregnant, I’m a non-sepia version of The Birth House cover. What follows is my third-trimester reading list in preparation for the arrival of my latest design project (for which I share design credit with baby-daddy, Dan).

My Sister Gracie by Gillian JohnsonThis is my second pregnancy, so before I read a word, before I put my (rather puffy) feet up and grab a frosty (virgin) daiquiri, I have a certain responsibility to attend to: my busy daughter, Sadie. To keep her entertained and to prepare her toddler mind for a newborn sibling, I’ve discovered a charming picture book by Gillian Johnson. My Sister Gracie is the story of Fabio, a dog who is promised a new playmate, only to find that when Gracie arrives he’d prefer to send her back to the pound. In the end Gracie turns out to be a lovable companion, bonding with Fabio as the two sniff the world together. An enviable sibling relationship indeed, which I read to Sadie with my fingers crossed.

Now, for my list – some are titles I read during my first pregnancy, but will re-read for information and inspiration this time around as well.

Ecoholic and Ecoholic Home: Adria Vasil provides the dirt on all things green – including cribs, diapers, bottles, toys – everything an expectant parent needs to outfit a nursery, a playroom, the pantry, and family life in general, in an eco-friendly way.

Hot Mamas: Sex-expert Lou Paget celebrates pregnancy as an exciting and sensual time for moms-to-be. No shortage of ideas, advice or how-to illustrations here.

Healthy Mum, Happy Baby and The Baby’s Table: These two are poised on the recipe stand for once baby has arrived. Healthy Mum, Happy Baby is a health and nutrition bible for breastfeeding moms and includes recipes for food you can eat with one hand, while burping your baby with the other. And The Baby’s Table is full of tasty recipes from baby’s first purees to what to feed your picky toddler.

The Midwife of Venice: The cover copy boasts “an enthralling historical adventure and a gloriously satisfying tale about midwifery, motherhood and the lengths to which one good woman will go for love.” Sounds like a perfect summer read, but I have one concern: I’m wondering if any readers can confirm the absence of terrifying and/or tragic childbirth scenes. Or perhaps I should move this one to my après delivery reading list?

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